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My new stepbrother is gay! - Ryan Bailey and Troye Dean

  • 7:56
  • 84 828 views
  • 88%
  • 3 weeks ago
Troye Dean knows the best way to make his new stepbrother, Ryan Bailey, feel welcome... making out with him! The twinks leap apart when Ryan's new stepdad, Johnny Ford, enters, but he just wants to be sure that Troye is showing Ryan around... and when he leaves to make them a snack, Troye shows Ryan's lips the way to his cock. Troye gets inside a chair slipcover and pokes his dick through a hole so that Ryan can ride him as they watch a movie under Johnny's nose. When Johnny conks out, the twinks are free to fuck right out in the open, and they do, first doggystyle before Ryan climbs into Troye's lap and sits on his dick. After pounding his stepbro in missionary, Troye pulls out to cum and licks Ryan's balls as the bottom jacks off... and shoots a load that hits his new stepdad in the head!
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