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Not so successful date makes these trans roomies having sex - Izzy Wilde , Gracie Jane

  • 6:08
  • 11 377 views
  • 82%
  • 1 week ago
Gracie Jane is returning home from a party when she runs into her roommate, Izzy Wilde. Izzy seems a bit jealous of Gracie and asks how the party was. Gracie shrugs, 'it was alright, I guess... though Ricky was there...' This intrigues Izzy, who carefully asks if Izzy fucked him, to which Gracie replies, 'no, I BLEW him instead'. Izzy shakes her head, commenting on how Ricky ALWAYS gets with as many girls as he wants. Gracie says that honestly, she couldn't help it. Ricky pulled out his dick and it looked really nice so she just HAD to gobble it up. Izzy scoffs, she's so sick of all these guys at these parties thinking they can get with whoever, WHENEVER. She's over it! No more dating, no more dicks- EVER. Gracie rolls her eyes, 'sure, we'll see how THAT works out'. She doesn't believe Izzy for a second.
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