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Zoey Taylor - She's Brand New

  • 12:01
  • 2 570 views
  • 80%
  • 2 years ago
Well Hello! Zoey Taylor entered our door to be come the latest Newbie at SHES BRAND NEW. Well we should say that she entered first, but in reality it was those massive tits that entered first, followed by a wide-grinned cutie! Lots of bouncy here! We like bouncy. We also like girls who -- without being told -- shove your cock right into her throat like shes trying to poke a hole in the back of her throat. So whoever was this girls' boyfriend in High School... God Bless you young sir. Or if was her Teacher... good training Sir! Either way, someone also taught her to swallow. Thanks to all of you! However, most of you probably came in 5 minutes. Don't blame you. You can tell because about 10 min in she realizes her jaw is getting stiff. Now it's our turn. So that's ok honey. You'll get used to it! ~SH
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