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Stepsister doesn't care about stepdad

  • 8:00
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  • 10 months ago
You know how it is with siblings. Always a battle to see who gets to use the car, who gets to go to the bathroom first, who gets to decide what is on TV. Demi Sutra knows the struggle, and when her stepbrother takes the remote, she is pissed. She makes her case, but he will not have it. The only way he will let her have the remote is if she does something for him. Namely, play with his purple onion, also known as his cock. She agrees, and licks that lollipop like she was the one who wrote the song for Lil Wayne. But as she is sucking his cock, their stepdad comes in and almost catches them. Later, they get a little more brazen. Their stepdad is on the couch, so they decide to be a little rebellious and bang right there with him in the room. She bounces up and down on her stepbrothers peen like its a pogo stick as he enjoys her sweet chocolate pussy pie. He squirts his cream into her mouth just as their stepdad stirs from his peaceful slumber, and they have to think fast to get away. Thats one way of making a compromise.
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